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Understanding the landscape of services and supports for autistic people across the U.S. can be challenging. Often, this information is scattered in databases and reports that can be hard to find and access for the average person.

Autism by the Numbers was created by Autism Speaks in collaboration with Drexel University’s National Autism Data Center to provide a full picture of how well states across the U.S. are serving autistic people. This interactive dashboard is informed by the needs of autistic individuals, families, advocates, and policymakers to better understand what autism services look like across the country.

For the first time, users can get a view of select autism services, outcomes and policies from each state in a single dashboard. Whether you are seeking to understand gaps in local services, considering a move to another state, or looking for information to better advocate for autism services in your state, Autism by the Numbers is a helpful tool.

We will continue to add new information to this dashboard in annual updates. Please check back regularly.

Last updated April 2024

The below dashboards highlight different topics, one per dashboard. The below dashboard combines several topics to give a state overview in a handful of areas. Click on a state to see a snapshot overview of some key stats all in one place. Not all topics are included in this dashboard, so make sure to check out the above dashboards for a more complete picture.