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Autism by the Numbers
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Who we are

The mission of the National Autism Data Center is to house and utilize data to create meaningful information for autistic individuals, their caregivers, policymakers, service providers, and stakeholders seeking to improve systems of care.  We promote secondary analysis of national-level data that fuels population-level information about the care people report they need and the services they use.

What we do

National challenges require population-level data to develop, implement, and evaluate solutions. Our research team has pioneered the use of national data to understand the service needs and related outcomes among autistic youth and adults. We use an array of national data sets with valuable information about health and service use for our research to answer questions across topics, including:

  • Health outcomes and service experiences in children and adults
  • Subgroup analyses of children and adults with specific conditions or disabilities including autism
  • Racial / ethnic inequities in a variety of outcomes and service systems

Contact Us

The National Autism Data Center can offer consultation and collaboration on projects using publicly available data and access to data that is not freely available. Depending on project needs, data analysis and further collaboration may be available. Contact us at